Helping high school students has been our major focus.

'56ers implemented the program until succeeded, stunningly, by Princeton undergraduates (14-16 each year) who, for a dozen years, have spent their fall and spring breaks to befriend and advise students in the 9th and 10th grades, followed by expanded sessions with juniors and seniors. 


Louise Henderson, a ReachOut Board member, long-time college guidance counselor and sadly now deceased, was our mentor in developing and implementing this Program.  Kristin Wilson, Princeton '14, one of our Fellows,  and a leader of the Brooklyn-bound Princeton udergraduates for several years wrote a guide to getting into college, addressed refreshingly to, and well-received by, the high school students.

Click here for documents used in the program, including our College Admissions Handbook, Notes for Presenters, Kristin's Guidelines for Developing a College List and a Glossary.

We believe that our College Awareness Program is remarkable by joining Princeton students as mentors to high schoool students puzzling about the utility of college and how to get in and survive.  

We believe our program can be expanded to other high schools, settlement houses and the like.

To that end, led by Derrick Raphael '06, we are developing a website to make our program accessible to high school students, parents, college guidance directors, high school principals and college students and others around the  globe who have questions about whether the high school students should go to  college and if so, how to go about it.


College Awareness is a low-budget program, requiring funding of the Princeton  undergraduates' stays in Brooklyn and various transportation costs.  Establishing and implementing our new website will require additional funds. We urge you to learn more and participate in our activities in New York and elsewhere around  the world.


For more info, please contact:
Jack Fritts '56 or Lennard Grabowski '81

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