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ReachOut has a number of active mentoring programs geared toward the needs of the target community. Traditionally, this has meant a focus on academic and general life skills mentoring. 

If you'd like to be involved in any of ReachOut's current programs in New York or New Jersey, or if you have an idea for a new project, please don't hesitate. Get Involved!


Career Guidance

ReachOut currently provides alumni opportunities for career guidance at a school in Trenton sponsored by Youthbuild, a national community and youth development organization. This school is part of, the non-profit, community development organization Isles, and enables the acquisition of a high school diploma and encourages job training. ReachOut will work with Youthbuild in beginning its Learning for Life initiative – a mission aimed at maximizing the potential of students by helping them find the clearest path to their goals.

Learning for Life will feature guest lecturers from several professions as well as one-on-one mentoring. For more information on Youthbuild or its parent organization Isles, please visit


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